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You've reached the blog of Burtman (adventure-seeker, office-dodger and van tinkerer).
This one's different, though. It's not just about someone showing off about being a digital nomad, it's a growing resource for people who are new to the van life to learn all kinds of stuff in a single place.

When I started out, I spent a long time learning all the little things you need to know to build a living space in a van, and I'm sharing all that knowledge, complete with common mistakes and how to avoid them, so you don't waste months looking for the same stuff I already discovered.

The articles are here to inform you...
In these pages, you'll find descriptive technical guides for building important systems, complete with clear photographs and videos where necessary, as well as useful lessons and tips on van security, parking, maintenance, travel, and much more, plus checklists of tools and parts you should carry (and how to use and replace them). There's plenty of information to help you find, design, build and maintain your own home on wheels.

The blogs are here to entertain you...
With plenty of stories, photographs and videos from my trips, soundscapes, interviews and a handful of creative extras and interesting projects from friends and strangers alike. You can follow my journeys in maps and media, and I even have some excellent playlist suggestions (and you can make some, too).

Most of the content here is freely accessible without an account, but if you'd like to get more and support my efforts, do check out the supporter options below. We have no ads here, no up-selling and a very strict data protection policy. And lastly, all user accounts are approved manually to ensure that no spam gets in. I know this will turn out to be a very positive and useful place for all who enjoy van life, and I'm proud to welcome you to!

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It's important that everyone finds what they are looking for here, and while there are many extras offered to those who can support this project, the most important information is available to all. If you find this website useful, but cannot support it yourself, it would mean a great deal if you could share it with someone who can. This project is made possible by the kind donations of my supporters, and their willingness to keep freedom alive and accessible to all.

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