Beatbox Drum Academy

About this project:

Beatbox Academy was an independent drum school that ran in Prague, Czech Republic, from 2017 to 2021. It served around 40 students in that time, most of them retaining weekly lessons. Sadly, the school didn't survive the restrictions imposed on small businesses during 2021, but was very successful until then. The site featured a self-service booking system, prepayment tracking, video subscription delivery service with automated email notifications and a variety of custom features for student and teacher convenience. It was originally built in PHP and later refactored in Ruby.

Client feedback:

Our website drove 95% of business. It was critical and performed beautifully for as long as we needed it. When we finally closed our doors, we'd just finished work on a new drum shop which would have given students an easy way to buy drum sticks, practice pads, ear protection, exercise books and host of other accessories to help them with their studies. It was a thing of beauty. Thank you for your endless support. We were able to rely on our website and email and that was very important.