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Open Road Media was founded in lockdown and based on sound principles that promote freedom and growth. We are a small group of freelancers led by Burtman and we work with non-profits, independent ventures and kind people, not governments and corporations with questionable ethics.

Among our growing clientele, you will find young entrepreneurs, musicians, single parents, low-income startups, travelers, artists and friends from all over, who want to make a positive change for themselves and their families and communities.

Our services are fair, honest and transparent, and we run a Continuous Integration environment that means we never stop testing and developing our services according to our clients' requests and feedback. When a new need is identified, we build and deploy its solution with open source tools that keep us license-free and royalty-free, making a huge difference to our fees and to yours.

The Open Road offer is simple; It's about helping small, well-intentioned ventures to get off the ground by taking care of the technical things in a fair and supportive way. So, if you want to let someone else take care of your small business technicalities while you enjoy the sun, we can help.

We can look after your Website Development, Domains, and Email.
And, of course, we can also use our trusted networks to find the perfect designer, marketer, photographer, advisor or writer for you, too.

Below are some of the websites for whom we work. Everything is original and fully managed by Open Road Media.

Coming Up Next...

The next project is underway right now!
You'll see it here when it's ready ;)

Publik Rekords UK

A new look and plenty of management for this independent recording label.

Save With Hannah

A simple solution for a simple business model.

Beatbox Drum Academy

Creative, expressive and highly motivated students, supported by Open Road Media

Fusion Driving Tuition

Fusion took the fast lane (sorry) to success with an Open Road build. Even Google couldn't do better.

Kane Millar Digital Photography

A new back end for a spaghetti code base.

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