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May 27 2023, 02:00 pm.

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As with most websites, people have questions about how to use things and who to speak to about this and that. We don't have any of that over here, as everything is really easy and there's only me to answer everything. For that reason, there aren't so many questions that could be considered frequent. With these things in mind, I've decided to answer a few infrequently asked questions, instead, just to keep everyone up to date about the really niche stuff.

Can Burtman be enjoyed on my portable telephone device?

Well, yes. Yes, it can. I've put a good deal of effort into making sure this website looks good on as many such devices as I could get my hands on for testing. It's an on-going job, but I believe the site is functioning well on the majority of portable communicators.

Does tinkering with vans actually make you happy?

Wow. Well, yes, I suppose it does, in a way. When vans have problems, it's pretty great to be able to snoop about and find out what's going on and then fix it all and get back out on the road, knowing that, at least, that part isn't likely to drop off any time soon.

Where will you go next?

That, my friends, is a secret I couldn't possibly reveal. Mainly because I have no idea.

Can I buy a membership for someone else?

Course you can. Just sign up with their name, pick your support level, send your bitcoin and wait for the confirmation email.

Can I invite a friend to join Burtman?

You sure can. If you've got an account, you can see your referral link on the dashboard, under the Your Account section. If not, well, go and get one! They're free, ya know.

Obviously, that's my referral url. Yours will look a little different.

I'd like to contribute knowledge, have a chat, or similar, but there's no email address.

That's fine. The top secret email address isn't listed because of how much spam is hitting our servers, already. Just imagine if I gave them a direct line! That's why we have the moderated signup process (and the complete lack of spam).

All you have to do is request a Contributor account on the sign up page and wait for your login details. You will then be contacted and we can chat about what you want to share. Incidentally, contributors can enjoy a long-term silver subscription in exchange for their contributions, and if you contribute a lot, that can be upgraded as far as platinum.

Who's behind the mask?

A true superhero never tells.
And neither does Burtman, as it happens. But if you're really lucky, I might get a cartoon done, so you can see how handsome I am.

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