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Now that you have your vehicle details, you can begin searching for service consumables. The stuff you will need is:

Engine Oil

You must make sure you know how much oil your engine can take and what type and grade. For example, some engines require fully synthetic oil, while others require semi-synthetic. Smaller engines need thinner oil than bigger engines. Always refer to your manual for such information.

Engine oil. You will probably need a bit more than this amount. Check your manual to find out exactly how much, or ask the parts store. Bundles sold for your vehicle are almost always sold in the correct amounts, but if unsure, check before buying.

Oil Filter

Oil filters keep impurities out of your engine oil and they come in several varieties. The main types are:

Screw-on metal type

Paper filter insert type

Air Filter

The filter that keeps crap from flying into your engine.

Fuel Filter

Keeps fuel clean, protecting the fuel system from potentially damaging contamination.

You may also choose to replace your oil pan plug (aka sump plug), and some service kits for specific vehicles will include a new one. If you buy individual parts, though, you will have to make a point of ordering the correct plug, because different engines have differently sized plugs, and attempting to fit the wrong one could cause damage to the oil pan, leading to severe leaking and requiring repair or replacement of the pan. Not worth it.

In any case, you will usually get a plug ring with your oil filter. That's the rubber ring that seals the gap between the plug and the pan. Without this ring, even a tightly sealed plug will drip a little oil all the time, until you're fresh out. You don't want that, either.

A service package from ebay, containing 7L of 5W-30 engine oil, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter and oil filter cap seal.

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