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Posted by Burtman on
Apr 22, 11:04.
April 22 2024, 11:04 am.

Apr 22, 11:04.
April 22 2024, 11:04 am.

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This area is far from complete. There are so many more sections to add. If you like the content, so far, please comment and let me know! It encourages me to continue posting my hard work and knowledge for everyone.

As I progress on this area, I will be adding detailed posts about the following:
* Accounting for weight distribution in your build designs;
* Creating efficient storage for food, tools, fuel, coats and shoes... even your banjo;
* Designing a custom folding bed to maximize the space by day and night;
* Gas and electrical safety;
* Water management;
* Insulation and moisture control;
* Much more!

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