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If you do get stopped by the cops, which happens to vans more than is fair, you might be asked if they can search your vehicle. Chances are, they're more interested in your response to that question than in actually searching. Yes, it is your choice. Yes, they are asking for permission, and yes, you are perfectly within your rights to decline. But we all know that all cops are ... curious. Stay calm and agreeable, and you'll be out of there in a few minutes. If you need to unlock multiple additional locks in order to open doors, explain it to them before-hand and move slowly. Especially near airports. The guy with the machine gun is usually pretty touchy about anything out of the ordinary, and nothing makes him more tetchy than people who take a long time to open things, extra locks and doors that have special knacks to open them.

And when you do open your doors, move back and let them look. You're not carrying anything dodgy, are you? Didn't think so. Then shut your yap and keep your hands where Rambo can see them. And he will be watching you carefully.

Wow. That was different.

Quick tips:

1. You don't need to explain your cooking knives.
2. Don't use the European term 'gas bomb' (gas bottle) at the UK border. It doesn't mean the same thing.
3. Turn your music down. Shouting for any reason creates tension. Tension is not your friend.
4. Make sure you have all the necessary safety gear in an easily reachable place (hi-vis jackets need to be in the front of the van).
5. Check your tire tread with a depth gauge. They're super cheap and most gas stations have them.
Find out the minimum depth in the country you are in/going to next. If any of your tires are approaching that minimum level, you need to change them.
This is not just about rules. Having too little tread can cause an accident and it's just not worth it.

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