Summary Update

Build: 72 Update released February 11 2024, 12:28 am Change comments

In this update...

* Digest emails now include links to paid content previews.

* Articles now show estimated read time.

* Editing tools for authors updated with post reference insert.

* Added a new page with links to other content that wasn't previously visible (you can find the link in the footer).

* Video embeds within posts now have start time and availability window. That means I can do dramatic time-releases and other nerd stuff that most people won't give a damn about.

* Updated permalinks to allow specification of preview keys, page numbers and other modifiers.

* Updated post system to allow sub-pages to appear in the index - useful for creating collections of related posts and still allow them to appear in their own right. For example, all the annual service articles are grouped and individually available as well.

* Fixed a CSS bug. I know there are a couple more but come on. It's not like I haven't got better things to do.

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