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Information Completeness & Liability

All information on this website is provided as-is, for entertainment and curiosity purposes only. and its contributors fully disclaim all responsibility and liability for any and all results of copying or attempting anything found on this website.

It is always your responsibility to protect yourself and others from harm, and to prevent damage to property.

All guides and descriptions are to be considered incomplete and indicative only of how something may be done. No attempt is made to provide guaranteed, accurate, proper, correct or perfect guidance, advice or instructions for any tool, device, conversion, repair, workaround or other process.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a blog, designed to share the self-guided journey of one man, using, in many cases, old tools and potentially outdated methods. While many of the guides and articles provide steps for carrying out certain tasks, you are compelled to check everything with a reputable, professional source, before attempting to replicate any such steps.

By acting on any content from this website, you accept full liability for all results of your actions and waive any perceived or actual right to hold liable anyone connected with for the same. Furthermore, you agree and accept that any safety notice or important step that may be missing or incorrect, from any guide or article on this site, shall be considered irrelevant, as you will seek the necessary guidance from an experienced professional prior to attempting to follow such a guide or article, and therefore, will become informed of the missing or incorrect information before it becomes important or relevant.

In short, read and enjoy, but everything is on you if you take action.
Without limitation.


Well, at this stage, there isn't any advertising. Any mention of, link to, or image of any product or manufacturer should be considered in the context, either an example of such a product (where it is not the only product of its kind available at the time), or a recommendation from personal or second-hand experience, based on the honest belief in the product or manufacturer. Burtman does not receive any form of compensation for product or manufacturer recommendation, and does not use tracking links when presenting products or manufacturers for any reason.

If you would like to advertise a product or service on this website, you've got to first join the site and make your intention clear on the signup form. Burtman does not endorse products that have not been tested personally or recommended by a trusted source (not the manufacturer or their agents), and, as a rule, declines advertising requests for unrelated products and large companies.


As is generally a one-man outfit (with just the occasional contribution from others), it would be impossible to fight the huge amount of internet spam that even this small site receives on an hourly basis, if not by manually screening posts and comments. For that reason, it is necessary for users to sign in before they can post anything to the site. This approach means that there is not a single spam comment anywhere on the site, so you can be assured a pleasant and useful visit. We reserve the right to deny or delete user accounts that violate our house rules.

When you sign up, you only need to provide a name, email address and brief comment to show you're not a spammer. Once your account is active, you never need to add any further information and the information you do provide is never used for anything besides display on the website. We don't use any third party services for signing up, processing, or logging in, and, while your default settings will include some mailing list subscriptions, you can easily opt out of them from your Dashboard.

Providing accounts helps people to keep track of what they have read and be notified about the content they are interested in, plus subscribers and supporters need to sign in so that the site knows which extra content to show them.

If you like this website and its content, please consider joining, and tell a friend. It helps me to keep going with the work I do and to keep sharing the fun, learning and humor.

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